Lelia Calder teaches the Alexander Technique and gives Energy Healing sessions and meditation instruction in Swarthmore, and Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

 teaches us how to find and keep our natural alignment both in movement and at rest.  With mindfulness we learn how to move with the spontaneous poise and balance that prevents injury, relieves pain, promotes healing, and allows us to perform difficult tasks with ease.  The principles of this work underlie all healthy activity of both body and mind.

EXPLORING CONSCIOUSNESS with openness to the possibility of new insights and heightened awareness invites healing.  Working with chi, the life force or prana that energizes physical form, we learn to experience the subtle body directly. This adventure of discovery opens us to our own energy flows and patterns, expanding our awareness of ourselves and of the environment around us. Healing happens as we come to be more and more simply and consciously present, in our bodies, in our minds, in our hearts, and in all the circumstances of our lives.